The Indigo Elephant by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken(Indigo Adult). “Right now, somewhere, there are 9 people touching an elephant with closed eyes”. What are indigos? what are first wavers, indigo, crystal, golden, star, superpsychic children? Are only children or already young adults? This book intent to answer and ask questions regards the new generations. “The death of the first waver is a symbol that represents the loose of awareness, counsciousness and the rejection of own true self.” This story is specially dedicated to all the first wavers that gave their life while standing the world ´s reaction to their presence. This story is dedicated to all the first wavers that did survive the process of change and transition. This story is dedicated to every new hero in the field of awareness and truth. Written in 2007 year of the 9 Traveling Diamonds. 4th Edition 2008 year of the Golden Child

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